Be it following home decor trends or making the smart choice of investing in sustainable home decor products, modern homeowners are trendier and woke than ever. Their homes are mega-version of themselves, showcasing their interests, tastes, and preferences. And as more and more young adults are turning into homeowners, they are trying to incorporate eco-friendly home decor and sustainable accessories in their spaces. Their homes are more than just roofs, it's a space where they can party, relax, rejuvenate and do whatever they want. 

Thanks to social media and modern-day awareness, we all have been talking and actively implementing ways for imperishable living and sustainable lifestyles. Magazines and articles have only helped spread these messages, motivating more people to jump onto this bandwagon, especially in their kitchen and cooking practices. 

Kitchens are shifting towards sustainability. So, this new year hop on this planet-friendly trend and include eco-friendly kitchen items offered by Casa Decor  in your cooking space and take a step towards this environment-conscious change. Investing in a remodeling project can be a bit expensive but you can always start by using wooden bowls and metal serveware and by steering clear from plastic. 

Apart from investing in eco-friendly kitchenware, you can also change the material, cookware, and lighting in your kitchen to adopt this lifestyle. 


The Increasing Hype about Sustainable Kitchens in 2022

Since the last decade, people have become more vocal about climate change and awareness about it is slowly building and spreading. And as summers are getting hotter, winters more freezing, and storms are becoming stronger – people are starting to feel the effects of climate change and doing everything in their power to minimize their carbon footprints, be it switching to car pool rides or replacing plastic with wooden and sustainable kitchenware

However, individuals still want to enjoy the luxury of shopping and creating beautiful homes, but now they are focused on attaining environment-friendly home decor items that can accentuate their homes without damaging the planet. This is also why handmade home decor products online have become very popular in the last decade. This demand is extending to every industry, be it homeware or kitchenware. 

Being a home decor brand, Casa Decor understands the importance of sustainability and has a wide collection to fulfill all your eco-friendly home decor needs.  


Sustainable Trends

Adapting to sustainable trends doesn’t mean that you should get rid of everything plastic in your kitchen. Throwing away things before they are damaged only creates more waste. Instead try to make these changes one by one, when a requirement occurs. Also, redesign your cookhouse with a more practical structure, rather than focusing too much on decoration.

But this doesn’t mean that you have to comprise the aesthetic in your space. You can still experiment and reflect your personality in your decor, only with these trends you will focus more on eco-friendly home decor products. Fortunately, these trends are quite popular now, so you won’t be compromising on design or variety. 


The Minimalistic Approach

A sustainable lifestyle is all about the “less is more” philosophy! However, applying this to your kitchen can be a really daunting task. A kitchen consists of dozens of essential cooking and serving utensils, which you cannot change overnight. Neither can you switch to electricity-saving appliances within a week? The biggest thing, you can’t change the cabinet and structures in one go. 

So explore the internet and find inspiration to make your kitchen more functional and minimalistic. Try to invest in wooden and metal serving accessories and appliances with a five-star rating to save electricity. 

Minimalism is not about chucking out the items you need in your daily routine. It is concerned with simplicity and a space free of clutter. So, consider including metal trolleys, carts, and baskets in your kitchen to maximize storage space stylishly. 


Natural Light

You can save a lot of energy by simply designing your kitchenette in a way that allows plenty of natural light to enter your space during the day. This will not only reduce your energy consumption but also allow the warmth of sunlight to enter your space during cold winters. You can use pendant lights for creating a luminous glow and spotlight for your work areas on the island. 


Sustainable Kitchenware Products

The easiest and the most feasible way of stepping towards eco-friendly practices are via viable products. All the utensils, serveware, bakeware, and other entertaining essentials can be sustainably sourced from From wooden salad bowls to marble cake stands and aluminum serveware, all the products on our website are handmade using eco-friendly and kitchen-safe materials that do not harm mother nature. 

Featuring intricate carving and lush paintwork, our artisans design these products with utmost care and meticulous detailing that add a classy look to your kitchen as well as a dining table. 

Our ceramic storage jars are perfect for storing plenty of things, and chopping boards are a great multi-functional addition to your kitchenThese home decor accessories will become a part of your everyday routine while making your every meal feel special. 


Design Your Kitchen

You can design your cooking area in multiple ways without using a hammer. A simple placement of the items in proper areas and order can accentuate the way you’re cooking space looks. If there are bare walls in your kitchen, you can consider adding wall shelves and other wall decor accessories as well. Place the jars and small appliances on the wall shelf, to keep your surface empty and clean. Use kitchen decor items like cake stands and Lazy Susan for displaying fruits and other condiments on the kitchen counter to give it a decorative touch.


Use our home decor products to create a sustainable kitchen with our eco-friendly collection. Explore our handmade collection at!


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